Mary M.

Nov13th 2020

I injured my arms by lifting something heavy, I let it go for a few months only to have the injury get to a point that I could barely lift my arms. And, talk about pain… Sleep was another story, who can sleep when every time you move you wake in pain. I went to an orthopedist who ordered the standard CT-scans, no broken bones, of course….then, on to Physical Therapy. Step in AccuCare and Physical Therapist, Jennifer Pate. Under Jenny’s care I not only resolved the pain, I learned about what to DO to help myself!! I would literally walk into a session unable to lift my arms and leave able to move my arms without pain. What I needed to do was stretch through the pain and get going…get my range of motion back with the addition of exercises – weight training. I would definitely recommend AccuCare, I know I will go back to them for my needs. They also offer classes that I am considering. The staff is friendly and responsive to your needs as well. You will not regret a visit to this facility.