Sensory Motor Disorders Batavia, IL

Sensory Motor Disorders

Have you ever noticed one of your five senses wasn’t working the way it should? It may have been a pretty strange feeling.

We rely on our senses, and our sensorimotor skills, to guide us through most of our day, so most of us notice immediately if one of them is compromised in any way.

At Therapy Care in Batavia, our therapists know how to properly assess a person’s sensory-motor skills to determine whether or not they’re experiencing delays or obstacles that are hindering their ability to live a normal life. For more information, call our clinic today.

What is a sensory-motor disorder?

Sensorimotor skills involve the process of receiving sensory messages (sensory input) and producing a response (motor output.) Our bodies receive sensory information from our environment through our vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems.

Sensory-motor disorders cause difficulties with one or many of the five senses. A few examples of things that may be difficult for a person with a sensory-motor deficit include:

  • Getting dressed
  • Feeding yourself
  • Difficulty recognizing smells, tastes, or sounds
  • Sensitivity to light, textures, or other stimuli
  • Difficulty reading or writing
  • Difficulty with understanding, tolerating, and participating in home, work, or school environments

Although there is no known cause for a sensory-motor disorder to develop, research has stated these conditions could be a result of an environmental, or genetic factor. There currently is no cure for sensory-motor disorders, however, with the right kind of attention through Therapy Care’s therapy services, sensory-motor issues can be addressed and managed accordingly.

How can therapy at Therapy Care help?

Here at Therapy Care in Batavia, our therapists understand and know how to treat a variety of sensory-motor disorders and issues.

When you arrive at our office for an assessment, our therapists will review your medical history, observe your mobility and coordination, as well as how well you can handle changes in your environment. They may ask you about your sensitivity to certain stimuli such as light, sounds, or textures.

Our therapists will put together a treatment care plan to ensure your overall success. The goal in our clinic is to make sure our patients feel comfortable and informed about their condition and their treatment program so that you can continue to make progress outside of the clinic.

To learn more about Therapy Care’s therapy services and how we can help you to improve your sensorimotor skills, as well as assess you for any sensory-motor disorders, call our clinic today.