Developmentally Delayed Speech/Language

The good news about developmentally delayed speech/language for a child is that the earlier a problem is detected and effectively treated, the better the outcomes are likely to be. If your child has delayed speech or language skills, we’d love to chat with you about how Therapy Care in Batavia & Port Charlotte can help with improving delayed speech/language problems.

What Is Developmentally Delayed Speech/Language?

Most kids will hit certain speech milestones at roughly the same age. If a child fails to reach one of those milestones, it could possibly indicate developmentally delayed speech/language skills. Here are just a few of the most common speech/language milestones:

  • 2 to 3 months – Baby should coo or smile in response to you, begin to imitate sounds, and babble
  • 6 months – Makes sounds to show joy or displeasure, begins saying consonant sounds (e.g., /m/, /b/), strings vowels together (e.g., “ah”, “eh”), turns head to look at new sounds
  • 12 months – Tries to imitate words, uses simple gestures, 1 or 2 word vocabulary, points to objects
  • 2 years – More than 50-word vocabulary, says simple phrases of 2-4 words
  • 3 years – About a 1,000-word vocabulary, mastered basic rules of grammar, speaks in sentences of 5-6 words, strangers understand speech
  • Just because a child misses one of these milestones doesn’t necessarily mean there is a developmental delay, but parents should talk with their pediatrician if they notice something.

Common Symptoms

As Pediatric therapists who work with children, we understand the importance of identifying developmental delays in speech and language as early as possible. Children with speech and language delays may struggle to communicate effectively, which can have a significant impact on their social and academic development. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the common symptoms of developmental delayed speech/language and seek professional help if you have any concerns about your child’s communication skills.

Speech Therapy For Developmentally Delayed Speech/Language In Batavia

As our Pediatric therapist at Therapy Care in Batavia & Port Charlotte,  We have seen that many children struggle with delayed speech or language skills. These delays can manifest in a variety of ways, such as difficulty pronouncing words correctly, using incorrect grammar, or struggling to understand and follow instructions. If your child is experiencing these issues, it can be a source of worry and frustration for both, you and your child. However, it’s important to remember that early intervention is key, and seeking help from a qualified speech therapy specialist can make a significant difference in your child’s development.

At Therapy Care, our experienced speech therapy specialists understand the importance of providing individualized care to each child. We believe in tailoring our interventions and treatments to meet the specific needs and goals of your child. Our team works to help your child develop and improve their overall communication skills, allowing them to effectively express themselves and interact with others.

We understand that as a parent, you want to be involved in your child’s progress every step of the way. That’s why we work closely with you to provide guidance and support throughout the therapy process. Our team will teach you how to work with your child at home, providing you with practical strategies and activities to help reinforce the skills learned during therapy sessions.

At Therapy Care, we know that each child’s journey is unique, and we are committed to helping your child reach their full potential. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated speech therapy specialists  and take the first step toward improving your child’s communication skills.

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- Marissa Schroyer

Amanda is a great speech therapist. She listens to the needs of her patients and strives to help them reach their goals. She has a detailed and well thought plan customized for each patient and their needs. Amanda is always encouraging and supporting her patients. I highly recommend Amanda for any of your speech needs. 

- Grace Brown

Margaret provided speech and language services to both of my daughters for a span of 2 years. She is an absolutely phenomenal provider. Margaret is caring and takes a child-led play based approach, which I appreciate. Margaret also used her expertise to pull in other therapy modalities as appropriate to get us connected with the resources my daughters needed to reach all of their developmental goals.