Social Language Disorders in Batavia, IL

Social Language Disorders

From an early age, most children begin to gain an understanding of what it means to communicate with their peers and family members. For some children, this skill may take a little bit longer to develop, or they may have a social language disorder.

Therapy Care in Batavia pediatric speech therapists help children establish their speech and language skills for effective communication. If you believe your child is not meeting the proper milestones in regards to their speech or language skills, call us today.

What is a social language disorder?

According to Childmind.org, social language disorders are categorized by impairment in pragmatics, or “the area of linguistics that has to do with how meaning is created and interpreted in verbal and nonverbal interactions.”

Children with social language disorders could have trouble speaking in social situations. They might have trouble with understanding what words they should say or how they should say them (tone of voice), as well as eye contact, facial expression, and body language.

Recognizing pediatric social language disorders

You might be wondering “How should I know if my child needs speech therapy at Therapy Care?”  “How can I know if they have a social language disorder?”

All children are different, but there are some common indicators you may keep an eye out for, such as:

  • Communicating socially that is not appropriate for the situation
  • Difficulty following the rules of conversation and social interaction
  • Problems with social interactions at home and/or school with adults and friends
  • Trouble with maintaining eye contact during conversations
  • Difficulty understanding what is not explicitly stated

How Therapy Care can help your child

Therapy Care in Batavia pediatric speech therapists help children establish their speech and language skills for effective communication through the evaluation and treatment of expressive and receptive language, and social skills.

Our therapists strive to assist your child in finding his or her ‘voice’ as well as help them learn proper communication skills and social cues. Your child’s therapist will create a customized therapy plan tailored specifically to the communication challenges your child is experiencing.

The key to therapy at Therapy Care is to challenge your child while fostering a warm and welcoming environment. Your child will develop their social language skills while having fun at the same time.

When these two aspects of therapy remain in balance with each other, the child can make sustained progress toward the goals and ultimately the child is able to maximize their potential. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact our clinic in Batavia today.