Grooming/Hygiene in Batavia, IL


Is Your Child Struggling with Grooming and Hygiene? We can Help!

If your child has been struggling with basic life skills, such as grooming and hygiene, our Batavia occupational therapists can help.

Grooming and hygiene are both important life skills for children to learn at a young age, but certain conditions can make these skills difficult to achieve. If your child has a condition that is limiting them from obtaining these skills, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

No matter what developmental stage your child is in, our Batavia occupational therapists can provide them with the tools they need to live as comfortably and independently as possible. Contact Therapy Care to get started!

What will pediatric occupational therapy sessions look like for my child?

Our Physical therapists will work with you to develop strategies to help your child build important skills such as grooming (brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.), feeding (using utensils and napkins properly) and dressing independently, as well as improving social skills, fine motor skills and visual perception skills.

At your child’s initial appointment, one of our occupational therapists will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine why exactly your child has been struggling with grooming and hygiene skills. From there, a treatment plan will be created for your child’s specific needs, and any assistive devices that may be needed to enhance these skills will be discussed/recommended.

Guided strategies that you can use at home and at your child’s school will also be provided. Strategies will be adjusted over time as your child learns new skills and is able to function more independently.

How can I get my child started on a treatment plan?

If your child has been struggling with grooming and hygiene, we can provide them with the tools they need to live life more comfortably and independently.

Pediatric occupational therapy can help your child develop to their fullest potential. Sessions with an occupational therapist at our office are friendly and encouraging.

Get started today by scheduling your first consultation At Batavia, IL Centre – contact Therapy Care to begin!