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Your Resource for Stuttering in Adulthood

Talking to people can be hard if you stutter. You may get stuck on certain words or sounds. You may feel tense or uncomfortable. You might change words to avoid stuttering. This speech problem can occur in adults as well as children.  Your friends at Therapy Care in Batavia IL are happy to provide you the tools to work on your stuttering.

What Is Stuttering?

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders describes stuttering as a speech issue characterized by blocks (interruptions in normal speaking cadence), unnaturally prolonged words, and/or the unintended repetition of words. Some people display a stutter in childhood that never received treatment, causing them to retain their stutter as adults. Others don’t experience stuttering until after they reach adulthood, or as the recurrence of a childhood stutter.

Adult-onset stuttering can be caused by a variety of underlying influences, including stress, side effects of drugs, and brain damage from a stroke or other neurological conditions. Some cases of adult-onset stuttering have no known underlying cause.

Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Speech therapy for stuttering can yield great results. Our Batavia IL Physical therapists can evaluate and identify neurological disorders or other conditions that might be causing your stutter and that will respond to speech therapy. The therapy itself may include several modalities to help you minimize your stutter and grow more comfortable with speaking.

A typical speech therapy program focuses on slowing down speech, breaking it into individual words or even individual syllables. This slow, methodical approach can help you iron out hesitations and repetitions. As you progress, you will also become increasingly confident and relaxed when you speak, removing any anxiety that may trigger or aggravate your stutter.

Some adult stutterers benefit from the use of an altered auditory feedback (AAF) device. This small device, which typically sits in the ear canal like a hearing aid, generates a chorus effect as you speak, making your individual voice sound like many voices to your ear. This chorus effect seems to help many stutterers speak more clearly.

You Can Manage Your Stuttering

You can manage stuttering at any point in life; all you need is the right professional assistance. Contact our Batavia IL clinic today At Batavia, IL Centre!