Self-Feeding Batavia, IL


Self-feeding is a basic life skill that continues throughout one’s life. However, adults may experience physical changes and cognitive changes as they age. This can impact their ability to independently self-feed. Occupational therapists use evidence-based treatments for adults who have difficulty self-feeding. They provide exercises, adaptive equipment, positioning recommendations, diet modifications and education for adults who have difficulty self-feeding. All of these feeding strategies and techniques enhance patient-centered care and eating independence.

How can Occupational Therapy help?

Some people might not associate an occupational therapist with nutrition, but occupational therapists can help patients develop good food habits and adjusting to food textures. Occupational therapy can mean the difference between failing to thrive and a healthy patient. Sometimes, patients are diagnosed with malnutrition, when the real problem is that they have difficulty with self-feeding. For example, someone with arthritis may have trouble with hand function and not be able to feed themselves. Occupational therapists can provide stretching and strengthening exercises, adaptive utensils and electrical stimulation to increase a person’s independence. There is definitely a correlation between grip strength and malnutrition. But, sometimes this goes unrecognized. Occupational therapists do not just treat patients based on their diagnosis, they do an individual assessment on everyone. also give information and tips to caregivers.

Get Relief Today

Not being able to feed oneself is not something to be ashamed of. It is something that definitely can be fixed or improved. There is help available from healthcare professionals. Contact Therapy Care in Batavia, IL today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. Therapy Care is a holistic practice that uses non-invasive methods to help patients get on the road to recovery. An individual treatment plan will be created that is targeted to your problem. Therapy Care has helped many other people and can help you, too. Get ready to feel good about yourself with help from Therapy Care Batavia, IL.