Grooming/Hygiene Batavia, IL


It’s important to understand that proper grooming when you’re an adult helps you live a healthier life. Here are some tips to keep you looking good and smelling good.


You should bathe on a regular basis and include washing your hair, too. After bathing or showering, be sure to apply an effective deodorant. Nothing replaces a good shower, a good bath and good deodorant.

Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth every day, floss, use a tongue cleaner and use mouthwash. Floss will remove particles and bacteria from in between your teeth for better breath. A tongue cleaner will help remove bacteria and help prevent bad breath. Swish the mouthwash around for about 30 seconds. Make sure the mouthwash reaches your teeth, tongue, the roof of your mouth and gums.


Be sure to change your clothing every day. You may be clean, but if your clothes are from the previous, they can carry the previous day’s odors.

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