Funway Fun, Affordable Family Entertainment

Funway is in Batavia, IL, and offers fun, affordable family entertainment for all ages. Funway in Batavia, IL has a variety of games that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together. From shooting games to claw machines, Funway will have something that you’ll love! Funway in Batavia, IL also carries an assortment of snacks and drinks so you can keep your energy up while playing. Learn information about Batavia, IL.  

Funway is the perfect place to go for a date, family day out, or even after-school fun. Funway in Batavia, IL offers birthday parties as well! Funway also has great specials and coupons available on their website so you can save money while having fun at Funway in Batavia, IL. Discover facts about Batavia, IL Depot Museum: A Treasured Piece of History.

Funway is a family fun center located right outside of downtown Batavia. They have over 30 rides and attractions that will keep you entertained for hours. You come as a kid to ride the rollercoasters, then later bring your children back with you so they can enjoy it too! Their prices are affordable and their staff members are helpful and friendly. There’s no other place like Funway if looking for an experience worth sharing with friends or family alike! Come see why everyone loves Funway in Batavia, IL!

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Anne Meetz

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