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Therapy Care Accucare Batavia, IL Dec14th 2020

When to get private speech therapy in addition to school district provided therapy

Fair question and one we had to face with our son after he transitioned out of early intervention and into our school district’s special education program. As any parent(s) would question, we could not help but wonder if we could do more for our son than only the services our school district is providing. Should

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Speech-Language Pathologist Batavia, IL Centre Nov14th 2020

Therapy Care has a new outpatient Speech-Language Pathologist starting in January!

We have very exciting news! We have a new ASHA-certified and licensed clinician that has joined the Therapy Care team as the Batavia Outpatient Speech-Language Pathologist for both pediatrics and adults. She is a wonderful addition to our team with experience in treating speech and language disorders related to autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, fetal

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Screen Time Questions Answered Oct14th 2020

Screen Time Questions Answered