Janet W.

Nov13th 2020

After suffering for a year with plantar fasciitis, I was referred to AccuCare by my awesome podiatrist (Dr. Gina Nuccio). I have had pt many times, with many different and good therapists, but Jenny at AccuCare was remarkable!

I came to Jenny with a pain level of 8-9. Within a few weeks, she brought my pain back down to 0-2. I am now able to do some walking, as well as accomplishing my chores pain free!

Jenny gave me the tools I need to insure that I never have to suffer from that pain again.

She was fun to work with, and I always felt confident in her abilities.

The entire staff at AccuCare is warm, friendly, and takes a sincere interest in their clients /patients.

Jessica works closely with Jenny, and took an interest in me as tho I was her patient. Jess is a personal trainer, and an amazing one at that!

Both Jenny and Jessica made me feel so comfortable, and took a genuine interest in me. They made what could have been a drudgery into a fun and enlightening experience.

Jenny will forever be my go-to physical therapist and Jessica will be my go-to personal trainer!