Social Skills and Communication Fun Group

  • AGES: 3 – 4 years-old (need to be potty-trained)
  • GROUP SIZE LIMIT: 5 Children
  • TIMES: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 
  • DAYS: Monday and Wednesday
  • STARTS: Once there are 5 enrolled children
  • TOTAL SESSIONS: 6 sessions (12 hours)
  • FACILITATOR: Experienced Speech-Language Pathologist

Overview of the summer program: This program will consist of working with children on 1) learning expected social and behavior skills, 2) pre-literacy (e.g., fostering a love of books, print awareness, playing with sounds) categories, rhyming, story-telling, and acting out daily activities (e.g., cooking food), This will be done through fun, interactive, and engaging activities facilitated by a licensed speech-language pathologist.  Activities include child-centered play, group reading, singing, role-playing, arts & crafts, and more!

Cost: $250 / child – total of 6 sessions (12 hours)

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